Quoting for your new

kitchen remotely 


Quoting remotely is something we have always done...

In fact we do this regularly. This is usually constructed from Architectural plans, enabling us to provide quotes even when the building doesn't exist yet, therefore providing a quote for your new kitchen, Bedroom or Home office is no problem at all. We are aware that you may not have any architectural plans, not to worry, all you need to do is follow these Steps and we can send you over a quote promptly!

Step 1 

Draw an overhead view of your room, include all the walls, windows and doors.


Make sure you include correct measurements of the walls windows and doors as shown
in the example.

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Step 2 

Now time to gather some inspiration, have a look through our kitchens, bedroom and home offices to let us know what style you like, also have a think about appliances and where you would like them to go. 

Lastly, we simply need you to send over all the information to us, this can be done from our contact us page. Once this has been done we will hold a phone/video consultation  where we can dicuss your project further in depth.

Step 3 

If we need any additional information we will contact you. Don't worry we do not expect professional drawings, we just need the correct measurements to get you the best results.

After receiving the quote and is safe to do so, we will resume our usual process of surveying your room and inviting you to our showroom for further inspiration and of course to go over any finishing touches.

After you've followed the steps our designing team will begin their magic,

by bringing your vision to life