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Modern Handleless Kitchens

Our Modern Kitchens Collection With Keller Kitchens

Our modern handleless kitchen collection from Keller Kitchens is the perfect way to get a stylish kitchen without sacrificing quality. The collection offers a range of contemporary designs and finishes, such as a matt finish, that will add an elegant touch to your home.

Our modern kitchens are designed with efficiency and convenience in mind, offering plenty of storage and counter space for all your cooking needs. Plus, having an attractive kitchen will make it much easier to entertain family and friends. With our modern kitchen collection, you can easily create the perfect atmosphere in your home while also enjoying all the benefits of modern design.

True Handleless kitchens

A true handleless kitchen is a sleek and stylish alternative to a traditional kitchen design. This kitchen style has no visible handles, as the doors are opened via a recessed rail above the doors. The minimalistic design of a true handleless kitchen makes it stand out from other styles, as its simplistic aesthetic allows it to blend well with any modern decor.

It also provides a clean and uncluttered look, which can help make small kitchens appear larger. True handleless kitchens are an excellent choice for those looking for a contemporary style that stands out.


Modern Kitchen Design

Modern kitchen design is all about finding the right balance of style and practicality. In a modern kitchen, you will often find sleek lines, clean surfaces, and minimal clutter. From shaker to contemporary designs, there are many options to choose from when it comes to modern kitchen design but our team here at Freestyle Kitchens will support you in the whole design process.

From measuring and helping to understand the key elements, you need in your kitchen to helping with colour. Whether you want a bold statement or something more subtle, there are plenty of colours and finishes that can be used in any modern kitchen. With the right combination of colour and design, you can create a stunning, stylish, and functional space.


Our Handleless Kitchen Styles Bringing Contemporary Style To Your Home.

Our handleless kitchen styles offer a sleek and contemporary look for any home. Handleless designs are becoming increasingly popular as they add a modern feel to any kitchen. By removing the handles from the units, it creates a clean, uninterrupted aesthetic that can bring an air of sophistication to your home.


As well as being stylish and chic, handleless kitchens are also extremely practical. This is because dirt gathering on the handles is less likely, making cleaning easier than with traditional kitchens.


The colours and materials used in our handleless kitchen styles are carefully selected to ensure that the design remains modern and will stand the test of time. With their timeless style and superior quality, our handleless kitchen styles can help you transform your home into something truly special.


Matt Handleless Kitchens


High Gloss Handleless Kitchens

Explore Handleless Kitchens In Our West Sussex Showrooms

Our West Sussex showrooms offer an excellent opportunity to explore handleless kitchens. These sleek, modern designs are perfect for those looking for a clean, contemporary look. With no handles getting in the way, these kitchens are incredibly easy to keep clean and organised. From high-gloss finishes to subtle mattes, there's something for every taste.


Our expert team can help you choose the perfect combination of materials and colours that will bring your vision to life. We also have an extensive range of matching accessories and appliances to complete the look. Come visit our showrooms today within Chichester and Worthing and explore our handleless kitchens!

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Are Modern Kitchens Easy To Maintain?

The added benefit is being easier to clean and maintain. For those who want the handleless look without compromising on practicality, integrated handles can be fitted onto the unit and drawer fronts for easy opening and closing. True handleless units and shaker-style doors come with an integrated handle fitting which allows you to streamline your kitchen design while still enjoying maximum convenience. With such a broad palette of finishes available, you can create the perfect handleless kitchen range for your home's unique style.

Why Are Handleless Kitchens So Popular?

Handleless kitchens are becoming increasingly popular due to their sleek, minimalist design. Without handles, kitchen designs can be streamlined and look more modern. This style is both practical and aesthetically pleasing as the handleless units become a feature of the kitchen design. They create a sleek and stylish look that is perfect for modern homes. The handleless units provide a unified aesthetic which can be complemented by other minimalist elements within the kitchen design. With handleless kitchens, you don't need to worry about finding handles that match your decor or style; the lack of handles creates a uniformity that speaks for itself. The minimalist look of handleless kitchens is what makes them so popular with homeowners looking to update their kitchen design.

Can You Create A Bespoke Kitchen?

Here at Freestyle Kitchens in West Sussex we use the latest 3D design software. Starting with an initial survey in your home or working from your own plans, our experience designers will tailor a bespoke design to create your dream kitchen. With an unlimited choice of kitchen doors, you can choose from a variety of styles, designs, finishes and colours to create the perfect look for your home. You can choose from high gloss, gloss and matt finish in a range of colours to give your kitchen that extra special touch.

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FreeStyle have made my dream kitchen come to life, the whole process was very smooth and the designers were incredible. Highly Recommend! 

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